Brandy Statler Long


As the main page indicated, a lot has changed over the last few years.

2003: Shortly before my 2 year anniversary with Danzas AEI, the parent company Deutsche Post decided it would merge it's two children companies (Danzas & DHL) into one big company. This merger would require reorganization of offices and jobs. I had already begun looking for a job shortly before the merger was announced as I wanted to go back into help desk work and was looking for a technical teaching position. By April 2003 I had accepted a new job. The day after I gave my 2 weeks notice, we were informed that the Renton office was moving to Phoenix, Arizona. While my mother was estatic at the thought of me moving back to Arizona, it wasn't going to happen. I had already accepted my new position and our life here is based around Mike's work anyway.

2004: Mike and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary living in Seattle by buying our own house (pictures coming). The house is a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, tri-level house. The bedrooms are on the upper level. The main level consists of the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The lower level has the garage, laundry room and the "den"/rec room.

This has proven to be an ... exciting (read stressful) ... adventure. Six months after purchasing the house, while we were at work, one of the upstairs toilets cracked and flooded the entire downstairs. We learned the ins and outs of our homeowners insurance during this On the plus side, due to the extent of the damage (the ceiling collapsed on top of all of the water damage), the den was remodeled and is now one of our favorite rooms.

2004 marked Mike's and my 5th wedding anniversary. As our anniversary gift to ourselves, we purchased the wedding bands we wanted when we first got married but couldn't afford.

2005: Not a lot has happened thus far. November 2004 - April 2005 marked Mike's travels back and forth to India (yes, Asia).

February 2005, the daughter of our best friend got married in our house. It was a beautiful wedding and a great excuse to get some remodeling done on the main level of the house. This consisted of painting and tearing down the psycho wallpaper that existed in the kitchen (it was really ugly). Pictures will be provided soon.

My new job has been wonderful. I just celebrated my 2 year anniversary there and will soon be taking over the Computer Training department. This coming summer I have a full quarter scheduled to rebuild the program and increase it's popularity.